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"At LearnCryptoFast, it is our mission to help cryptocurrency investors in furthering their education and network, so that they can maximize their profits, while minimizing their risk."
- "Crypto" Colin Andrews
Founder & CEO
“Crypto” Colin Andrews is a serial entrepreneur, investor, educator and leader who has gone “all in” into the exciting cryptocurrency / blockchain space. Before going all-in in this new and growing industry, Colin played a crucial part in the growth of a 2x INC500 business in the intellectual property space. Colin knows that blockchain technology will change the world for the better, and is excited to be a part of this amazing, worldwide transformation in finance and technology. From TedX to the North American Bitcoin Conference, Colin has taken the stage to share his love and knowledge of cryptocurrencies with audiences around the world. When he's not globe-trotting to meet the best and brightest minds in the crypto-sphere, he spends most of his time in Medellin, Colombia, where he also strives to lead philanthropic efforts to serve the underprivileged. In his spare time Colin enjoys hitting the gym, spending time with friends and family, as well as practicing Muay Thai kickboxing.
Chief Operating Officer
After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Hospitality Business in 2014, Drew has taken on multiple management and operations roles within the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industry, as well as provided digital marketing services to small-business owners and startups. He bought his first bitcoin back in July of 2016, but did not begin to realize the impact blockchain technology would have on the world until a year later. Since this day, Drew has went all the way down the rabbit hole and has immersed himself in all things bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. When Drew's not consumed by this addiction, he loves to travel and experience places around the world from a local's point of view.
Executive Assistant & Project Manager
Amy graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration - and a double major in Management and Marketing. With her flair for organization and follow up - she's done it all, from sales to HR. Amy has held various sales roles across industries, from commercial jet engine parts to residential real estate. She's helped several startups and high level entrepreneurs get organized for success, as well as made a huge impact in various internet marketing roles that she's held in the trading and real estate spaces...and now in crypto! A newbie to crypto, she's fully embraced this exciting world and has grown both her knowledge and investment returns exponentially. She loves to spend here down time doing anything surrounded by the ocean - from boating and fishing to reflecting and relaxing on the beach.
Business Development Manager
Jay is an entrepreneur with a background in early startup growth. He has scaled apps from 0-> 8M users and bootstrapped products to $3.2M+ in revenues. Other things he is passionate about are learning languages, jamming on the piano, fitness, health, travel, and lucid dreaming.
Project Manager
Born in Honduras, Central America, Lara joined the LearnCryptoFast Team in August 2017 as a Project Manager. She has been working on social media the last few years, specializing in Influencer Marketing, and is passionate about interpersonal communications and languages. Lara has also lived in Houston, Texas where she perfected her english skills, which has made her our bilingual wizard for all things translation.  When Lara is not working for us on a project, she is studying Marketing and Publicity, and also loves traveling and dancing with her friends. 
Member Care & Support Superhero
With more than 8 years of experience in customer service, Kyle has always been relentless in delivering world-class experiences to his clientele. After studying Business Administration at Chico State University, Kyle moved to Los Angeles where he gained strategic marketing experience working in event production, pharmaceutical sales, and online education. Since the fall of 2016, he has immersed himself in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology. Kyle can be found traveling the world to an exotic location, attending an international business conference, jumping out of an airplane or performing some similar extreme sport. Whether he's on a boat, a plane, a train, or an automobile, if he's without wifi - you will certainly find him with a book learning something new. 
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